These Terms and Conditions describe the basic rules for working with the FunCPA Advertising Network. By registering in the System, the Partner unconditionally agrees to comply with all of the following Rules:

1. General Provisions.

1.1. Partners of the affiliate network are: advertisers, partners and FunCPA.

1.2. Advertising network FunCPA provides an opportunity for webmasters to work with offers of their advertisers with payment for reaching attractive users on the resources of advertisers.

1.3. To participate in the program as a partner, you must register.

1.4. These Terms and Conditions are the main document regulating the activity of Partners in the Advertising Network.

2. Registration and deactivation of Partner accounts.

2.1. Administration of the Advertising Network may refuse to register the Partner without explaining the reasons.

2.2. Repeated registration of the same person as a Partner without reconciliation with the administration is forbidden. If two or more profitable accounts created and belonging to the same person are identified, the administration has the right to block all the accounts with the transfer of funds from the Partner's balance accounts to the accounts of Advertisers.
2.2.1. If there is necessary to use more than one account, then you should contact technical support.

2.3. The Administration of the Advertising Network may block the Partner's account at any time without explaining any reasons, but:

- in case that the Partner's account blocking was the Administration initiative, not caused by a violation of Terms and Conditions by the Partner, the money earned by the Partner is paid to him in full.

- in case that blocking of the Partner's account caused by a violation of the Partner of Terms and Conditions, the funds on the Partner's settlement account, payment account and hold account are returned in full to the Advertisers.
2.4. In the Advertising Network it is forbidden:

- spam;

- to use sources that violate the law;

- to remunerate or request to users of the site (publicly on the site or privately) to perform actions that are paid by the advertiser;

- to perform actions on the sites of advertisers on your own initiative. Webmaster can leave test requests, if it is necessary to verify conversion rate. Example: Name Test. No. 79999999999;

- to enter into a purchase order for yourself, your friends or relatives;

- to commit a fraud against users in any form;

- to initiate the automatic actions of visitors using scripts, bots and other means$

- cookie stuffing;

- any attempts of traffic cheats;

- offend the administration of the site.

2.4.1. Partners who violated clause 2.4. will be blocked, and funds from their balance will be returned to advertisers.

2.5. All correspondence of the Partner and the Advertising network is strictly confidential. Any disclosure of this correspondence by the Partner is a gross violation of confidentiality and may lead to the blocking of the account. It is forbidden to spread out the conversation records of the operator with the client, in case of violation of the rule, the network reserves the right to disable the function of listening to records or blocking the partner in the network.
2.6 Partners who have a percentage of redemption of goods by the mail less than 50% can be blocked without payment of funds.

2.7 Partners Re-registered after the lock will be blocked without warning and payment of funds.

3. Traffic requirements.

3.1. FunCPA has the right, at its sole discretion, to accept Traffic from any Source for Low-quality traffic, and the Actions performed as a result of traffic from this source are Substandard. 3.2. It is prohibited to use the following traffic sources:

- Violating the legislation of the UK.
- Job placement services (active advertising systems, motivated traffic).

- Spam mailing via e-mail, sms and other channels of information dissemination.

- Spam in social networks.

- Clickunder and Popunder traffic.

- Traffic from bulletin boards in case you need to fill in the order forms by yourself.

- Cashback. It is forbidden to promise a discount to the client due to the reward of the webmaster.
3.3 You can use shareware methods to attract traffic, such as e-mail newsletters, mailing in instant messengers, liking and friending in social networks, doorway traffic, BUT WITH USING YOUR DOMAINS.

3.4 The advertiser has the right not to send orders to persons who have not reached the age of 18 and to abolish such leads. The orders are given to the webmaster on request with the help of tickets.

3.5 Advertising a product it is forbidden to use a promo, which does not correspond to what is used in the advertiser's landing pages.
3.6 It is forbidden to transfer orders to several CPA networks simultaneously. If the rule is violated, the webmaster will be blocked, and the funds from his balance will be returned to the advertisers.

4. Payment settlements with partners, payment restrictions and delayed payments.

4.1. The first payment enrolls to the account of the partner (established in the profile) after the 10-day hold since the order of payment.

4.2. The advertising network does not pay withdrawal of funds from accounts, if the amount on the partner's balance is less than 20 EUR / USD. Thus, it is the minimum amount for withdrawal of funds.

4.3. Early payments are possible only after checking the quality of traffic.
4.4. The partner network may delay payments for the analysis of the statistics on foreclosures, and also has the right to request data on sources of traffic.

4.5 Early payments are possible only to trusted partners. Administration of FunCPA has the right to refuse early payment to any partner.

4.6 Payments less than the minimum amount are not possible.
4.7 Orders issued by one person for different goods are not paid. The data of these orders will be transferred to the webmaster on request, so that he can transfer them to another system. Doubles, i.e. orders received from the same customer within a certain period of time are not paid. At the request of the webmaster, we can issue the data of these orders for transferring them to another system.

4.8 New partners who have not previously received payments may be subjected to a traffic quality check before the first payment. The check takes 10 to 30 days.

The administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time without prior notification.